Photographers and videographers are among some of the most important people we have at our rally events. They are often putting themselves in weird and awkward positions just to get us all the best possible footage. Without them, we all would not be able to get the best scenes moments, and events on film so that we can relive them with our friends and families through memories and express the joy and excitement we had during these relived events. 

STR8UP DRIVEN along with ROYAL RALLY EXOTICS brings to you “The photographer and videographer of the month” each month our elected board member will view photos and videos submitted from these talented individuals and choose a winner. Winners receive $300 dollars and a full-page dedication. Winners will be able to display and discuss the life of a photographer and videographer through their eyes and as their work. 

so show us your best and get the recognition you always deserved. We love showing our vehicles and our greatest moments from all of our rally’s and without you, we would not be able to capture the best parts. We look for the most unique, most outrageous, best edited, and all-out greatest moments you can capture. We look forward to seeing them all and of course adding you to our “Photographer Of The Month”

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